Awarded at the 23rd Corporate Media night

Lalux’s “Murphy’s law” advert received the Award of Excellence at 23rd Corporate Media night.

Award of Excellence

During the 23rd Corporate Media Night which took place on 3rd December 2011, BCE received the Award of Excellence for its advert video production “Murphy’s Law” for Lalux, the insurance company based in Luxembourg.

Corporate Media also gave an award to the film director of the production, Thomas Neunreither, for its creativity and its sense of humor in advertising.

The Corporate Media is a European Masterclass Community competition that rewards the new media, film and video elite. The community evaluates each entry and discusses the work achieved studying the audiovisual and digital solutions, tools, systems and products and delivers a “best of media” panorama.

The production “Murphy’s Law” (an adage which says that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”) for Lalux (La Luxembourgeoise) was released in May 2011. It was the first Luxemburgish production to use the first person perspective, where the viewer sees through the eyes of the protagonist.

The objective of Lalux was to present and promote within a short space of time its new product “easy-PROTECT “. The clip highlighted the ease and advantages of combining into one single contract a whole range of insurance policies (car, home and civil liability) which everybody needs in his or her daily life.

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