Secure your business in just one click with BCE’s Backup as a Service.

Monitor and manage your backup policy via an interactive interface from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to a dedicated administration interface, you can access to the dashboard in real-time, manage your backup policy and build a smart backup strategy. Your backups can be securely stored in our redundant datacenters.

*(price per month ex. VAT)



BCE has a reliable team of IT experts available 24/7 to monitor the performance of the system. In addition, your data is accessible 24×7 from any location.


Automatic backup

Choose the optimal time to automatically backup your data to our BCE datacenters.


Fully secured system

Thanks to the built-in encryption system, BCE can ensure optimal security for your
data during its transfer. Once on-site, your data is then stored and protected by a fully redundant system.


Protected data

BCE ensures you that your data will be fully protected and in compliance with the
GDPR standard (General Data Protection Regulation).

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