Radio and TV were during decades two different worlds, but we have been able to see an evolution of radio towards video. With the development of internet, social network and technology, the industry is more than ready to trigger its mutation.

Looking back in time, I remember those radio stations installing one or two webcams to film their studios while broadcasting at the same time some useless information and some adverts. There was no interest for the audience as it was only used as a way to sell advertising space. In fact many time you could connect on the website of the radio station and see a beautiful and empty studio while the automatic playlist was running.

Fortunately the market is changing with real shows which put the audience / viewers in the action. We are talking about real live production now, with multiple HD cameras, multiple video feeds, graphics inserts, studio branding (completely synchronized with the radio playlist and the shows actions) and distribution.

I have been amazed by some solutions like StudioTalk (from Broadcasting Center Europe), the solution was recently installed at NRJ Belgique (a leading radio located in Belgium), RTL (France), FunRadio (France), BNJ (Jura) and RTS (Switzerland). From one single touchscreen it gives access to a complete production tool, with content management, live feeds management, integration of picture in picture, live interviews, animated graphics and distribution to any streaming platforms and social networks.

When visiting the studios at RTS (Switzerland), the final broadcast result going out from StudioTalk is at a level which outperforms many television shows, but we are still on radio there, we are looking at radio and actually if you turn off the video and listen to the show, the experience is equally immersive.

Of course its not only a question of technology, there is also a big work from the radio station to create content which suits both the video and the radio worlds. But again, those visual radio solutions integrate automated production systems which create the interactions, integrate the right graphics and switch to the right content in real time, so there is no excuse… Radio is becoming a fantastic video show and you decide if you want to listen or to watch it.

So if you are at home looking at your favourite show on TV, you can go out in your car switch on your radio and continue to listen to it, and finally while taking a coffee at the restaurant, you can watch it on facebook.

A few years ago, many people were talking about the radio extinction, I believe that radio is evolving and that the next generation will enjoy richer content with maximized interactivity.

So what about you? Do you enjoy listening and watching radio? Do you know other “visual radio” stations? In your opinion, which radios should go visual now?