Big RTL Thrill uses Integrated TV Services

RTL Group’s first joint venture TV channel for the Indian market, Big RTL Thrill, was launched on 5 November 2012.

Big RTL Thrill, the joint venture channel of RTL Group and Reliance Broadcast Network, is using the turnkey TV solution over Internet from BCE, taking all the advantages of professional broadcasting with the flexibility of cloud-based services. Working as a self-service platform, it includes all the necessary software and hardware to run a fully file-based television channel.

“BCE’s Integrated TV Services are a breakthrough in modern television; it is the perfect combination between Internet with its cost-effective and flexible workflow and the TV world with its high-quality needs and complex tasks. For Big RTL Thrill, BCE took the best of both worlds, creating a unique platform requiring little human resources and achieving over the top results,” commented Tun Van Rijswijck, Chief Operating Officer at BCE.

Integrated TV services Workflow

BCE’s Integrated TV Services cover the complete media value chain from strategic planning to final playout. They monitor, manage and trigger automatically tasks like electronic quality check, creation of commercial breaks, creation and delivery of low resolution files for subtitling and full dubbing, audio lay-back to master files, sending of transmissions files and long-term and short-term storage.

It includes the traffic software with the programme and rights management, the organisation of programme grids and their related costs and finally the creation of the running order with the secondary events for the automation.

“All the traffic software is cloud-based and located in Luxembourg. Besides reducing the costs it also gives the channel the opportunity to use only the modules needed,” added Alex Seca, Broadcast IT Manager at BCE.

In addition, BCE’s Integrated TV Services include a decentralised playout server with a full automation and file delivery intelligence to retrieve the content from the archive via Internet.

“BCE’s Integrated TV Services are the broadcaster’s solution for professional services combined with innovative and high-end technology. BCE continues to provide the infrastructures to cost-efficiently run new channels in standard and high definition,” concludes Alain Flammang, Chief Executive Officer at BCE.

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