You wish to broadcast your channel immediately with a powerful yet affordable solution

BCE’s Start and Play is a cloud solution that can be easily deployed, without any investment, allowing the broadcast of your channel within a short time-frame.

As a media expert, BCE provides you with a professional platform as well as multiple options and services to enhance your operations.

BCE’s Start and Play broadcast solution already comes with key features for your channel:


Broadcast your channel in High Definition.


Easily manage your videos via a simple playlist manager.


Dynamically insert your channel logo.


Give a stereo experience to your audience and allow multiple languages.


Your channel comes with 6 TB storage, more than enough for your HD channel.

As Run

Get the accurate record of programming and commercial schedules with As Run Logs.

Picture clarity is an essential feature of your video-watching experience. Ensure your viewers satisfaction and start to broadcast immediately in high definition.

Available options
  • Upgrade to 4K

  • H.265 UHD


Easily manage multi-channel playlists with BCE’s Start & Play. Thanks to a simplified calendar view, you can prepare your schedules, preview your video clips and organise your content items.

Available options
  • Interconnect

    with other channels

  • More storage

With BCE’s Start & Play you can add a logo for each video clip of your playlist. Get the character generator option and add animated elements such as a dynamic logo, RSS feeds or even clocks to your programs.

Available options
  • Animated logos

  • RSS feeds

  • Clocks

Thanks to BCE’s Start & Play your viewers will experience your videos with crystal clear stereo sound. With 4 stereo channels you can even include multi-language selection to your programmes.

Available option
  • Dolby 2.0


In addition to TV broadcast, BCE’s rock-solid platform allows the delivery of your channel to your favorite social networks.
BCE’s Start & Play can also generate the videos in the right format to fit your OTT platforms.

Available options
  • OTT

    Webstream / CDN

  • Live recording

    for Replay


Start and play includes:

> HD broadcast (or SD)
> Self- managed scheduling
> Static logo overlay
> 4x Stereo channels
> 6 TB of media storage


Upgrade to 4K and get:

> 4K broadcast
> Dynamic Logo overlay
> Extra media storage
> H.265 UHD encoding

Go for OTT and get:

> Live, VOD and Social Networks publication
> BCE end-to-end expertise
> Workflow integration