Environmental Responsibility

BCE is committed to reducing negative environmental impacts and following the guidance of Bertelsmann, BCE commits to become carbon neutral by 2030. In and beyond compliance with existing environmental laws [...]

BCE supports “Running Against Cancer”

“RunningAgainstCancer.lu” is an initiative by Pit Van Rijswijck. An incredible sport challenge and a fundraising campaign to support research into glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer. Back in 2020, Pit’s [...]

Running Against Cancer

Faites un don    |    L'initiative    |    Le challenge    |    La Fondation Cancer    |    Le glioblastome    |    Nos sponsors    |  [...]

Computers for the ODZA secondary school

The ODZA secondary school was equipped with BCE's computers. Every year, BCE donates its old computers to the NGO "South Cluster".  Our activities require constant use of computers to run [...]

Computer for Africa

Recently, the Mvangan school (Cameroon) was equipped with BCE’s computers. BCE has been contributing during many years to the project Computer For Africa with the donation of its old computers. [...]