iBCE – MediaCMS

Back to iBCE MediaCMS:The new way to manage content. Content has a new home. BCE developers and UX experts worked hand in hand to deliver the next generation of content [...]

iBCE – TV Traffic

Back to iBCE BCE’s TV Traffic Solutions are a suite of software covering all your needs for Library and rights management, long term planning and daily planning. Perfectly tailored-made to [...]

iBCE – Audio recognition

Back to iBCE Convert the audio from your videos in data. To ensure content re-purposing, it is important to enrich its metadata in your content management system. With BCE's Audio [...]

iBCE – Cloud Storage (Itstored)

Back to iBCE itstored is the ultimate online safeguard for your content. With BCE’s Cloud backup and storage solution: itstored, you can keep your content online easily. With S3 (Simple [...]