With BCE’s auto promotion production system, Clip Up, discover a new way to create your promos.

Our team can easily create a high volume of promos thanks to an intelligent platform which automate all non-creative tasks to streamline your operations and free your creative team to focus on what they do best.

Our services are available for any media and non media companies, such as TV channels, visual radios, sports federations, institutions or any company which want to promote its services through video.


Create your templates

You can easily integrate your graphic chart and effects in the system, allowing the best result for your videos.


Create Promos

Using your set of templates, insert your titles and videos and the system generates automatically your promos.


Easy management

The system comes with a clear dashboard indicating the status of each element. The users are also notified immeditately when promos are ready.


Cost effective

The solution speeds up drastically the delivery of promos. Allowing the rendering of hundreds of promos per week.

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