Computers for the ODZA secondary school

The ODZA secondary school was equipped with BCE’s computers.

Every year, BCE donates its old computers to the NGO “South Cluster”.  Our activities require constant use of computers to run our business. While recycling contributes to the preservation of the environment, we believe that reusing computers has a much more positive impact for the planet, in terms of carbon footprint but also in social developments to improve education in other parts of the world.

BCE has been contributing to the project “Computer for Africa” for many years now and we are glad to announce that the ODZA secondary school in Yaounde, Cameroon has been recently equipped with 50 computers for the students in two dedicated classrooms and with 20 laptops for the teachers.

Computer For Africa is a project from the “South Cluster” NGO. The aim of this operation is to install 40 000 computers in African High Schools by 2020. The main goal of the NGO is to revitalize the declining secondary education in the continent and to offer the opportunity of improved connectivity for African societies. South Cluster also train the teachers to the new computers and OS.

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