Digitisation of 20,000 music video clips for M6

M6 chooses BCE for the digitisation of 20,000 music video clips

Following the evolution to a complete tapeless workflow, the French TV channel M6 decided to digitise its music video clip archive.

Music clips have always been in the heart of M6. Therefore it is highly important to integrate the large archive into its digital library and, thanks to the new media archive management, make it available for production and program teams.

M6 chose BCE for its professional work and fast delivery of the digitised content. With its mass digitisation platform and new in-house developments automating the complete process, BCE will digitise the 20,000 music video clips in less than four months in its premises in Luxembourg and will deliver the content via a Movie2Me link to M6.

A backup of the content will be done during the process as well as the generation of low resolution files for reviewing purpose.

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