Danielle works at BCE as a Graphic Designer.

After graduating from the art section of the secondary school in Luxembourg, she pursued her passion and obtained a bachelor in communication design in Cologne, Germany.

Working now at BCE since 2016, her job consists in consulting clients, working out concepts following their needs as well as designing all the visual elements required.
Moreover, as part of the graphic design team, they create on-air graphics for TV channels and TV shows, they make promotional videos for businesses and they design visual for ongoing events.

Danielle always wanted to work on her passion in design and that’s what she found at BCE!

Watch Danielle’s video and discover her life at BCE.

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Danielle’s favorite hobbies

For Danielle, the regular practice of a sport, and especially running, gives her a high level of concentration, positivity and self-confidence that she can apply in her life and especially at work.

Danielle is an avid reader and enjoys reading novels. She believes that reading can help her to preserve her memory and thinking skills for longer, helps her to understand the world and develop her creativity.

Finally, during the weekends, Danielle enjoys spending time with her friends and playing board games with them.

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