Dora works at BCE as a Senior Broadcast Operations.

She started to study law for a few years. After that, She wanted to study communication and media for journalism at the University of Szeged in Hungary. She is specialized in electronic media and public relations.

Dora works in the Filing team at BCE in the broadcasting department. Filing is pretty much the library of all the video files that are played on the clients’ channels. Dora and her team record customers’ programs in live or receive them as files. The Filing team will then check the quality of the programs and archive them to make them available to BCE’s broadcasting teams.

The content can then be used for promo editing, VOD, or broadcasting.

Watch Dora’s video and discover her life at BCE.

Dora Brazko

Dora’s favorite hobbies

Dora’s passion lies in sports, and she enjoys skiing, ping-pong, as well as sailing (which she tried in the summer of 2022). According to her, engaging in sports encourages conviviality and fosters healthy interactions that are devoid of professional stress or cultural barriers.

Moreover, Dora likes to play chess. It allows her to optimizes her memory, improves the creativity and increases problem solving skills.

Passionate about reading, Dora reads a lot of books. For her, reading is a good way to improve her imagination as well as to take breaks to relax.

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