ERTA selects BCE for the installation of new HD platform, digitisation of archives

Following a tender procedure, ERTA (Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency) selected BCE for the installation of a new infrastructure in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

The ERTA was created in 1995 as the result of the merge between the Ethiopian Radio and the ETV (Ethiopian Television). Ethiopian Radio was launched in 1935 and ETV in 1964. ERTA broadcasts their news and other programs nationwide and overseas through radio, television and the Internet.

As part of their digital evolution, ERTA chose BCE to upgrade their infrastructure to a high definition (HD) and tapeless systems.

Working with strong partners such as Grass Valley®, Front Porch Digital, Aveco and Octopus, BCE will be in charge of the integration of a newsroom, post-production editing rooms and a broadcast platform with master control. Each edit suite will handle SD and HD programs.

BCE will also install a complete digitisation platform, train the local teams and start the digitisation process. Grass Valley is supplying ERTA with a range of technologies, including GV STRATUS® nonlinear media production tools, which will optimize ERTA’s workflow by providing a versatile software-based platform for nonlinear media production and K2 San System which is fully redundant with no single point of failure.

Signature of the contract
Françoise Semin, Said Bacho, Frédéric Lemaire, Jean Lampach.
Shaking hands between Said Bacho and Frederic Lemaire
Françoise Semin, Said Bacho, Frédéric Lemaire, Jean Lampach.

“It’s exciting for us to collaborate with ERTA because it marks the first time GV STRATUS is being used in a broadcast newsroom setting in Africa,” said Said Bacho, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Grass Valley. “Africa is a vibrant and growing market, and we are committed to providing broadcasters there with the most sophisticated gear for professional use today. As our solutions are both flexible and scalable, they allow ERTA to invest in technology for the future while also maximizing cost efficiencies and streamlining workflow.”

“Working with ERTA demonstrates BCE’s capacity to adapt to any market. It’s a real step forward for the broadcasting market in Africa and a strong evolution for our customer,” comments Jean Lampach, CTDO, BCE.

Group photo of Grass Valley and BCE teams
Françoise Semin, Said Bacho, Olivier Gori, Frédéric Fievez, Frédéric Lemaire, Sven Weisen, Jean Lampach.

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