Engage from anywhere with BCE’s advanced Remote Voice-Over solution: Holovox

Holovox is a cloud solution which empowers your live events, without any investment, with multiple voice-over layers, live translation, graphic layers management and team coordination.

Live sports events, conferences, news, discover now how simple it is to enrich your live programs with BCE’s Holovox.

Much more than voice-over, BCE’s Holovox comes with multiple features to enhance multiple live events:

Smart cloud interface

Simple, intuitive and immediately operational.

Start commenting now

Connect with the live event and start working immediately.

Control the graphics and titles

Manage sound, graphics, titles and more with the virtual remote control.

Add picture in picture

Add the video layer of the worker, ideal for sign language, interviews…

Manage your team

Keep an eye on your team, manage their interaction and control the global experience.

Real-time monitoring

BCE’s NOC (Network Operations Center) always oversees your live events.

Holovox is a cloud-based solution. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a webcam and headphones with a microphone. 

Your configuration is immediately recognized and automatically configured within the system.

For the best audio experience, you can of course add your preferred microphone system.

  • Cloud-based


  • Plug

    and play

  • Pro

    add on

Remote Voice Over Smart Cloud Interface
Remote Voice Over Start Commenting Now

Connecting to live events has never been so simple. No more need to go to the event location, or use voice-over rooms.

From the comfort of your home or your office, click on the links you have received by email.

Open the intuitive interface of the event to start commenting right away, and open the cloud remote controller, which can be opened in your computer or on your smartphone browser, allowing you to manage the ambient sound, as well as titles, graphics…

  • Work

    from home

  • Easy

    secured connection

  • Control

    sounds and graphics

In addition to sound administration, Holovox cloud remote controller grants you access to graphics and titles management.

Prior to the event, you can include your own graphics in the system. You will then be able to easily add pre-live graphics before the live event, insert graphics during the breaks and add post-live graphics when it is over.

In addition you can also trigger text titles, you may either write the texts during the event or pre-configure the titles in templates.

  • Titles


  • Graphics


  • Sound


Remote Voice Over Remote Controller
Remote Voice Over - Picture in Picture

Easily integrate sign language video feeds in your live programs, make remote interviews or enrich your event with open discussion between commentators.

Since Holovox is connected to your webcam or connected camera, you can decide if you wish to add this view as a picture in picture in the live feed.

  • Add

    sign language

  • Engage

    remote interviews

In addition to the commentator interface and the remote control, Holovox also gives access to a supervisor which gets an overview on multiple commentators and events.

The supervisor can manage the teams, as well as control the interaction of each members plus all the graphics, titles and picture in picture feeds.

  • Team


  • Titles


  • Graphics


  • Sound


Remote Voice Over Monitoring

When using Holovox, all your productions are monitored by the NOC.

BCE’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) oversees your live events and is always available to secure your operations and assist you with the use of the solution.

Monitoring on a 24/7 basis numerous channels, telecom and IT operations, the NOC technology and team are the best answer to today’s media players continuity needs.

  • 24x7


  • Support

    on the solution

Victorien Loiseau
Sales Associate
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