In 2017, BCE has moved in its new premises, switching its complete workflow to IP, thanks to our combined media and IT expertise and with strong technology partners. 

This milestone in BCE history leads to key developments.

This year at the IBC, BCE will present its broadcast centre which answers all your needs for TV channels playout, but also for ad-hoc broadcasting. BCE will present as well StudioTalk, a complete mobile production and distribution system for visual radio, TV channels and event coverage.

Discover our new TV Traffic Solutions, tailor-made to your workflow with customisable features, including OTT integration. IT being predominant in media workflows, BCE has developed its IT managed services to fit to all your needs,  on-site or remotely.

BCE stand at IBC 2017

Meet BCE at IBC 2018 on booth 7.C37 in hall 7.

Broadcast to the world

This year at the IBC, BCE will focus on its broadcast services over IP. With multiple playout and preparation  services, BCE can answer all your needs in channels playout.

With this flexibility and BCE’s worldwide connectivity, including redundant links in France, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom, BCE is able to broadcast programs from and to anywhere in the world.


Dedicated Playout

The solution integrates full HD playout, advanced graphics, redundant video server, subtitles and can even manage local advertising to target the different regions where your channels are broadcast.



Working in a file-based environment, our engineers can manage up to 10 channels from one single control room, offering all day management services.



A cost-effective, flexible and scalable playout solution: it offers professional services, can be configured easily in BCE premises, in yours or even on a remote location.

Virtual_playout-6-1 - Copy

Virtual TV

BCE’s Virtual TV is a cloud-based platform dealing with metadata management, file enrichment, transcoding tasks, video editing and archiving.


BCE will also introduce StudioTalk, perfect for visual radio, tv channels or event coverage, it is the all-in-one solution to produce shows, manage content, add special effects, control sets and broadcast your programs on any existing platform.

Picto - Hand over a screen with buttons

Complete production suite

StudioTalk is your “one touch production” tool with an intuitive Graphic User Interface, a touchscreen and a dedicated remote, you are able to control the cameras, the feeds and the studio sets.

You can also trigger the automated mode and let StudioTalk ensure seamless production of your live shows.

Picto - list of play buttons

Smart content management

A large set of branding options such as studio sets, channel branding, titles effects. Importing your own graphics in the solution is feasible.

You are able to consult your content archives, build your playlists (drag and drop), program all your secondary events and monitor the complete infrastructure.

Picto - Smartphone, tablet and laptop with same play button

360° Distribution

StudioTalk’s productions can be easily distributed by using a streaming solution, ensuring your content is available to any screen on the market.

Combined to our file-based high-speed distribution system, our large communication network and our CDN, there is virtually no limit for audience targeting.

TV Traffic Software

Discover our TV Traffic software available in self-service, allowing programs, rights, costs and materials information management as well as the creation of weekly schedules and daily broadcast playlists, thus increasing the efficiency of all the processes.

TV Traffic Solutions - Athena

Program library

A multifunctional tool to manage your catalogue and your linear and non-linear rights such as Multichannel, Rights and Media.

TV Traffic Solutions - Cronos

Long term planning

An intuitive and ergonomic planning tool, suitable to your programming strategy, based on catalogue of programs, audience management, Broadcast history, program cost and program grid.

TV Traffic Solutions - Adonis

Running order

Fully customizable software to manage your running orders and your playlists and integrate adverts, promos, extra schedules, video clip and AsRuns Log.

Broadcast data Processing allows reporting (mediamétrie,GFK,CSA), author rights management (SABAM, SACEM, BUMA) and integrated data warehouse.

Managed services

Discover BCE Managed Services, the perfect way to forget about ICT complexity. With over 30 years of experience managing ICT systems and operations for media companies, BCE understands your workflows and needs and can therefore deliver tailor-made services respecting your business targets and your budget.


+Business Continuity +Security +Backup

Site set up or move

+Insourcing +Hardware purchases


+Archive +Server +Database +Internet

Video conferencing

+Phone conferencing

You will also be able to …

Discover the partnership between Freecaster and BCE, the combined expertise that covers the entire value chain: from the video production to adaptive streaming to multiple devices. In some figures, Freecaster delivered 14 Million view for the past editions of Tomorrowland,  one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world.

Learn more about the project for the FEI, our equestrian sport customer with whom we merged our knowhow to their desires to work on digitisation and content management, file-based distribution and live over IP through platform as a service solution.

Meet our experts to talk about all-over-IP technology and the different transition steps for your company and get an overview of our system integration services and our Digital Media Operations to enhance your infrastructure and content.

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