Convert the audio from your videos in data.

To ensure content re-purposing, it is important to enrich its metadata in your content management system. With BCE’s Audio Recognition, this step just got simpler. The system can analyse all your feeds and videos and ensure the best transcription.

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    Thanks to BCE’s Cloud storage solution (itstored), your content is sent from anywhere in the world to BCE and the metadata is sent to your preferred location.


    Create metadata

    BCE’s Audio Recognition solution makes an in depth analysis of your video audio and create the most appropriate data to allow a smart content search in your CMS.

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    For large volumes

    In a digitization project, BCE’s Audio Recognition erases the complex metadata creation, avoiding extra costs and complex data encoding.

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    For live events

    Putting your live events online and re-use this content immediately is part of today’s top priorities. BCE’s Audio Recognition generates the appropriate metadata in almost real-time.