BCE allows you to setup your streaming with full confidence, ensure it perfectly matches your corporate identity, get in touch with your audience, share your videos and increase customer loyalty.

With BCE Streaming you can concentrate on your content and leave the production and technology aspects to us. But BCE Streaming goes far beyond this, with the possibility of creating your own video portal and do more with your content.

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    BCE supports you at every step of your project, organizing the teams, matching your corporate ID and selecting the best communication channels.

    Broadcast-grade production

    Ensuring the streaming of customers such as Montreux Volley Master, Tomorrowland and the European Commission, BCE expertise ensure the quality and success of your project.

    Live streaming

    Engage your audience with dynamic live production, multiple angles, high video quality and targeted distribution.

    Valorize your content

    When your live stream is over, it can be immediately available to replay directly in the player or uploaded on your website or video portal.