BCE’s TV Traffic Solutions are a suite of software covering all your needs for Library and rights management, long term planning and daily planning.

Perfectly tailored-made to your channel, the solutions fits exactly your workflow thus increasing the efficiency of all processes. With a very low learning curve, the solutions can be immediately used in your company.

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    TV Traffic Solutions - Athena

    Program library

    With Athena, BCE’s program library, rights and material management system, monetise the content and synchronise with the archive and accounting department.

    TV Traffic Solutions - Cronos

    Long term Planning

    Cronos creates the long- and short-term planning, delivering chronological TV program grids, including detailed titles, materials, costs and rights information.

    TV Traffic Solutions - Adonis

    Daily Planning

    Adonis creates and manages the running order for any kind of automation. It also manages primary and secondary events and controls the media information (time breaks, segments…).

    Cloud or not

    BCE TV Traffic solutions are available as Software as a Service in the cloud, can be installed in your premises or is even available as full managed services. You choose.