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When: Wednesday, Dec 7th
From 11:00 to 11:45
Where: Online


Make sports commentary easier, and from anywhere.

Commenting on sport events requires a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use tool for all your team!
Discover BCE’s Remote Voice Over solution, meeting your needs and enriching your live sport events.

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Worldwide availability

Access an intuitive platform from your browser and comment on sports events from anywhere.

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Live productions

Engage your audience by sharing your passion for sport. Broadcast live on your website, TV channel and social networks.

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Manage video and audio

With Holovox remote controller, activate live video of the commentators, insert graphics, text titles and manage the audio!

Engage your audience and create new emotions

Manage your live remote productions in a single place and easy-to-use platform. Holovox is the perfect tool to create a unique audio and video experience for your audience.
Holovox is cost-effective and empowers your sport events with high-quality content.

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