Lagardère entrusts Europe 1 LW transmitter site operations to BCE

Lagardère Active, a major player in the French media, operates 22 radio stations worldwide, 12 TV channels, 37 press titles in France, 87 magazine titles worldwide and is the number one production company in France.

The group was looking for a solution to ensure the continuity of the operations of the Europe 1 LW transmitter site based in Felsberg in Germany. Thanks to its long-standing expertise in radio and TV transmissions, BCE offered a tailor-made solution creating the perfect fit between new technologies and Europe 1’s current antenna infrastructure.

Lagardère has selected BCE to run the operations of the transmitter site of Europe 1. To do so, BCE will install a solid state transmitter. The transmitter will be fully automated and connected to the already existing antennas. It will be monitored and controlled by BCE from its Network Operations Centre (NOC) based in Luxembourg.

“BCE’s NOC already monitors and manages all the RTL transmitter sites in Luxembourg as well as all the servers, remote networks, broadcast networks and IT and telecommunication equipment of BCE. Our team will offer round the clock services and ensure the perfect continuity of the programs,” comments Tun Van Rijswijck, COO at BCE.

“Modern technology allows new development for our customers. Our expertise in both historical infrastructure and advanced solutions is a strong asset for this project,” adds Eugène Muller, Head of technical services and transmissions at BCE.

Felsberg Transmitters
Felsberg Transmitters in Germany

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