Host your resources in an independent, reliable and high-performance virtual environment with BCE’s multi-cloud solution!


Create an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) system that blends different cloud providers under a single interface and platform. Integrate secure private and dedicated virtual servers into your company’s workflow.

Take advantage of your servers at any time and from any place thanks to a cloud-based system. In addition, customise the configuration of your servers to suit your projects and benefit from the expertise of BCE’s teams.

Basic services :

Benefit from all these services for any project


Dedicated environment

All your data can be moved to your personal server quickly.
Your virtual server is hosted in the 2 datacenters of BCE.
GDPR compliant, no storage in any other countries.


Secure environment

BCE provides a high level of security while ensuring reliable delivery of your resources by using state-of-the-art security systems in our datacentres.


High-performance equipment

Equipped with the best technology and in a redundant structure. Our servers ensure the best possible performance.


Automatic deployment

Deploy environments at any time to store your resources on BCE’s dedicated platform. Thanks to an automatic system your hybrid and multi-cloud environments will be created in a few minutes.


Dedicated team

Benefit from a quality support team available 24*7 in English and French. With nearly 20 years of experience, BCE ensures quality service at any moment.


Add more option

Enhance your mcloud offering with additional services that BCE can provide. From system monitoring to real-time backup and even operating system management.


Flexibility and ease of use

Create an environment for your hybrid and multi-cloud resources automatically through an independent platform. Your server will be deployed automatically in a few minutes and take advantage of all the features made available by BCE.

Technical features :

Create your own environment tailored to your needs!


Operating system

Define an operating system that meets your needs, such as Linux® or Windows®. All our equipment ensures a high level of performance to host your resources.



Deploy your dedicated resources in an secure environment with KVM or VMware® virtualization.

Storage option

 High-performance storage that’s always available from anywhere in the world. BCE gives you the choice of Flash SSD, SATA or S3 storage.


Unlimited traffic

BCE has unlimited bandwidth availability for your servers. Take full advantage of your environment by hosting any type of service or application without latency.

Optimise the use of your environment by integrating containers.

Deploy and manage multi-cluster container environments. Reduce application latency and manage your applications in a fully independent and autonomous environment.

Control your budget with our solution and enjoy multiple actions without additional invoicing. BCE prices are fixed and there is no ingress egress billing.



What is the hybrid or multi-cloud?

A multi-cloud is a dedicated environment in the cloud that allows you to host different resources for your company (applications, website, CRM, email and much more). Directly connected to our servers located in a 100% Luxembourg datacenter, your resources are secured in a dedicated and isolated environment from users.

What is the advantage? By outsourcing your resources, you ensure total accessibility, a reduced risk of data loss and a reliable environment.

What are the possible functionalities?

Many functionalities are available with BCE’s multi-cloud solution:

  • Install on your server the applications of your choice on a single or multiple servers.
  • Select the right storage for your needs (Flash SSD, SATA or in the cloud with BCE’s S3 solution). Configure the storage space you need and pay accordingly. In addition, you can benefit from a redundant backup and thus strongly secure your resources.
  • Change your operating system at any time.
  • Create independent environments between your applications with containers.
  • At your request, integrate on your server additional features provided directly by BCE such as:
    • Monitoring as a Service solution: 24*7 monitoring by our NOC (Network Operation Center) with automatic alert in case of incident.
    • Backup as a Service solution: manage your backup policy and build an intelligent backup strategy. Your backups can be stored securely in our redundant datacenters.
    • OS management solution: install, delete or update your applications. Track the status of your operations in real time and see the reasons why an action failed.

How do I access my environment?

Access your environment on a platform developed by BCE. All you need is an internet connection and your login details.

We have set up an advanced security and reliable identification system.

Can I personalise the configuration of my server and how do I calculate its cost?

You can fully choose the components that make up your server:

  • Select the operating system you need: Windows, Linux and Kubernetes.
  • Choose a storage modality: Flash SSD, SATA or S3 (a cloud storage system provided by BCE).
  • Specify a virtualisation system: KVM or VMware.


It is possible for you to make your own quotation for the server you will need according to your requirements. To do this, please contact us using the form below.

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