BCE has produced new commercials for LALUX ASSURANCES

As one of the leading insurer in Luxembourg, LALUX ASSURANCES has produced many commercials with BCE, this time the company wanted to produce 2 new clips, but with a viral twist.

Keeping the filming method of the first episode promoting “easy-protect” in 2011, BCE produced the clips using the first POV (first person point of view), it means that the viewer sees through the eyes of the protagonist.

The new scenario and idea, by Thomas Neunreither (Is it true what they say about Luxembourg / La bourse de Luxembourg Anniversary) with the viral web campaign led the production team to imagine a new filming helmet.

Fully engineered by BCE, the helmet embarks a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in front of the helmet with Zeiss Cinemizer glasses directly connected to the camera which allows the cameraman to see exactly what the viewer will see. This innovative system weights less than two kilos and allows immersive productions.

The second part of the advertising campaign is centered on the viral twist. Wonderlandmovies, a Germany based company, created a system that allows the viewers to upload their photo and name and make it appear directly on the actors face and special spaces for the text in the video clips. Connecting to the website www.easydate.lu, the viewers can create their own video and send it to their friends using email or social networks.

“It was great to work again with LALUX ASSURANCES and the LALUX easy-protect products, the partnership with Wonderlandmovies made a real difference for the final project. In less than three months the campaign was produced and the viral mechanism developed,” comments Xavier Thillen, Head of Production and Postproduction at BCE.

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