RTL Radio chooses StudioTalk

Moving to its new premises, RTL radio has launched its new Radio studio completely equipped with a visual radio platform, managed by BCE’s StudioTalk.

StudioTalk platform in RTL Radio control room

“The transition to high quality Visual Radio was one of the objectives for the new studios. StudioTalk is a modular solution that can meet the needs for optimized operations with the production automation, but which also allows to meet the needs of television production, thanks to the manual controls, the servers and graphics stations management with high-end cameras” explains Mathias Bejanin, technical director, Groupe M6.

StudioTalk, the one touch production solution, is a all-in-one software which allows the production of television shows, the creation and control of the studio branding and sets, the management of content and the broadcast and distribution to multiple screens.

RTL Radio was looking for a solution which would be simple to use, allow live production and deliver content to make it available afterwards on their website and replay platform.

The optimised user interface (UI) allows fast high quality productions with almost no learning curve. StudioTalk flexible system welcomes up to 20 different inputs, live feeds, pc, videos etc… for live production on TV and Internet.

RTL Radio can choose whether to supervise the production of its shows or to switch to automatic production with the detection of the speakers and active scene change.

With the integrated branding and sets management, RTL Radio is able to create unlimited sets and apply them in real-time during its productions.

With the advanced video clip management, the operator can easily interact during the shows with featured content or simply follow the established playlist.

StudioTalk manages the branding, cameras and more
Michel Nougue, Directeur de Marque, Groupe M6

Thanks to its fast distribution platform, StudioTalk broadcasts live to RTL Radio website and stores the videos for on demand features on the replay platforms of the customer.

“What is interesting about StudioTalk, is to be able to produce quality programs that meet the requirements and standards of broadcast and professional production, with very light products,” explains Michel Nougué, Directeur de Marque,Groupe M6.

On the system integration side, BCE France installed the three new studios of RTL Radio. Equipped with cameras, RTL radio can produce dynamic shows in manual or automatic mode. Each studio has multiple televisions to screen the animated sets coming from StudioTalk.

The control rooms feature the best of both radio and TV world, with standard radio equipments and StudioTalk single touch-screen interface to manage the complete production workflow.

With StudioTalk, BCE is re-defining TV production with a flexible infrastructure which suits easily any activities. With a low learning curve the solution gives access to broadcast quality productions and 360° distribution on TV, radio and Internet.

The main controls are next to StudioTalk

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