The two largest Solar power plants of Luxembourg

Following a European-wide call for tender, organized by the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the joint venture Enovos/CLT-UFA was selected to install two solar power plants in Junglinster and Beidweiler.

Enovos and BCE developed this idea together to use industrial non-exploited grounds for green energy production. In fact, BCE operates several transmission sites in Luxembourg which need a large surface for their operations, but the ground level as not been used so far.

While the grounds can’t be used for offices for security reasons, they can be perfectly exploited for these types of industries.

Solar Plant in Junglinster (Simulation)

The transmitter sites will welcome these major plants which will be able to produce around seven million kilowatt hours per year, which represents more than 40% of RTL Group power consumption. Whereas Enovos will conduct the construction, Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) will ensure the maintenance and operations of the two installations.

Solar Plant in Beidweiler (Simulation)

The annual production of green power for about 1800 homes will allow RTL Group to reduce considerably its environmental impact.

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