Digital Media Operations: Post production

With state-of-the-art file-based facilities, BCE has the complete suite of services to meet today’s post production needs.

QC (quality control) and mastering

Focusing on customer satisfaction, BCE understands the importance of delivering the best experience for the viewers of TV broadcasts, Internet, OTT devices and VoD platforms.

Based on DI workflow, BCE evaluates 4K, HD and SD files for numerous television networks, distributors and producers on a daily basis. BCE holds various Quality Control suites to screen, evaluate and remaster any tape and any file format in both European and international frame rates.

Each job comes with a detailed written evaluation while the master file versions are created and prepared for their multiple uses following the customer order.


Turn your productions into high-quality ready-to-broadcast content, with the complete set of commercial breaks censorship as well as market dedicated promo trailer production.

Taking your videos to the next level, BCE has state-of-the-art editing suites and highly qualified experts. From basic editing such as footage merge and re-arrangement, unwanted content removal and time code insertion to advanced work such as special effects, animations, transitions, 2D/3D graphics, colour enhancement, distortion removal and scaling, BCE can answer all your needs.

All your editing work orders can be followed in your “MyMediaCMS” with real-time ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

Video experts working in Editing suite at BCE
Editing suite at BCE (RTL City)

Sound editing

BCE’s expertise lies with its modern mixing stages and experienced engineers. While most audio engineers focus on one particular area, our experts can handle any analogue or digital file format and ensure the best results, while meeting your target.

BCE improves the sound of your videos with editing, enhancing and mixing. Whether it is for TV, VoD, web TV or OTT, BCE will clean up, restore, repair and conform the audio of your content.

BCE offers R128 loudness control to all its mastering and repurposing mastering processes.

Aside from editing, BCE offers audio to your library and new titles, adding multiple languages for international purposes.

Sound editing at BCE (RTL City)
Sound editing

Captioning and subtitling

BCE has been providing captioning and subtitling services to European TV channels as well as international distributors and majors for 20 years.

Servicing media market leaders as well as PR agencies and the corporate, education and government sectors, BCE provides a large number of services including bilingual captions, multilingual subtitles, language translation and editing.

Special effects

Adding stunning visual effects to your productions will make the difference to your viewers. With key references such as RTL Television, Universal, Saturn, ArcelorMittal, ING, Sukuma and the European Investment Bank, BCE is the most trustworthy partner when it comes to creating or maximising your brand in your productions.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a highly creative and experienced team, BCE produces special effects and animations in 2D/3D to enhance your productions with logos, animations, titles and page layouts.

BCE’s graphic creations range from 2D and 3D animations, special effects, compositing and corporate identity design to broadcast design and branding, creation of still and animated logos, creation of storyboards, titling, film restoration, internet design and digital signage interface.

To produce your material, the team are expert users of top art professional hardware and software packages that will add value to your contents.

Sukuma Millenium Award video
Special effect for the Sukuma Millenium award video