Linear Broadcast: Preparation

To support your operations and strengthen your presence with your target audience, BCE provides high quality software and services in the organisation of your channel programmes, the management of your content rights, the preparation of your programming strategy and provide day-to-day playlists and author rights reports.

BCE broadcast operations services


In a fast-moving market, reactivity is paramount; with a strong broadcasting background, our experts understand your needs perfectly and deliver smart devices, software and tailor-made services.

Thanks to in-house broadcast software tailor-made to your needs, BCE provides a complete suite of advanced tools which allow you to manage your programme catalogue, schedule your programmes, create your grids and cost simulations and get clear reports in order to analyse your activity and adapt your broadcast operations.

BCE experts can provide assistance at any step of your operations and work with these tools following your needs and channels programmes.

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Program Grid in Cronos

Program preparation

Servicing many well-known channels in Europe and Asia, BCE’s broadcast specialists know your needs in terms of professional content preparation and playlists management.

While your team focus on content broadcasting, BCE ensures the perfect blend of programme preparation and solid infrastructure. Our customers are the guarantors of our platform stability and high level of services. Thanks to its worldwide operations and local partners, BCE is able to provide tools tailor-made to the local market, following new compliance regulations and allowing your company to enrich its programme offer worldwide.

Being able to manage the complete traffic management of your channel, our software will provide you with the perfect transformation of programme grids to playlists and running order. Frame accurate, the running order will come with secondary events; integration of adverts, promos, external schedules and video clips. BCE’s will also provide you with the AsRun Log and compliance recording tools.

Finally BCE broadcast software generates the appropriate reporting for the media regulation entities and the author rights management with the author rights collecting agencies.

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Playlist in Adonis

Digital Media Operations

BCE’s Digital Media Operations are a complete set of services to digitise, enrich, store, transcode, edit and distribute your content.

Completely file-based, the services are managed by BCE with its postproduction content management system MediaCMS, tracked and controlled by the customer through a dedicated cloud-based tool MyMediaCMS and operated by BCE’s experts.

Servicing well-known majors, BCE brings your content into a new dimension, maintaining a cost-effective approach to match your needs and budget.


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