In the digital world, it is paramount to step in and extend your communication with all citizens, worldwide.

Inform your audience with live coverage of your conferences, key meetings and main events. By giving access to your live content and archives, you avoid fake news and gain audience loyalty.

Create content, protect your legacy and enhance your communication with BCE Institutions

Cover your meetings

Ensuring live coverage of sessions from the Bundesrat, the European Central Bank and the Luxembourg Deputy Chambre to name but a few, BCE grants you access to multiple services and solutions to stream your conferences on your website and social network or even create your own TV channel.

Production teams

Our production teams are dedicated to your project.

Your channel

Launch your own TV channel, whereas it is for continuous or ephemeral broadcasting.

Live streaming

Cover your conferences, meetings and events thanks to autonomous cameras and a centralized platform with the distribution to your preferred communication channels.

Advanced Video Player

BCE’s player features Live rewind, program details, multi-language selection, subtitles integration as well as adaptive streaming quality.

4K, HD

Give your audience the best video and sound quality matching the communication channel.


Following your existing identity, BCE can create your animated and static branding. You can of course upload your own graphics to the BCE Institutions system.

Content Delivery Network

BCE holds an extended CDN (Content Delivery Network) with key partners to ensure the availability of your streams, even during audience peaks.

Mobile Studio

Setup your own studio anywhere. BCE’s StudioTalk is geared with automated production, graphic insertion and distribution system which suits your ad-hoc needs perfectly.

Protect your heritage

With thousands of hours of video content left on a shelf, look forward to making it available. Part of your digital strategy, BCE will digitize your content, safely store your videos and ensure their indexation for smart access, share and distribution.

Mass digitisation

Digitise your content and create a content hub to allow repurposing inside and outside of your company.


Ingest from any feed

Whether it is a live broadcast, satellite or streaming, BCE’s Au2Ingest ensures the ingest of your feeds.

Storage solutions

Your content is safe at BCE’s premises thanks to our redundant online, nearline and offline secured solutions. BCE can even store your files in a redundant environment.

Cloud storage

Connect via S3 to BCE’s Itstored, the GDPR compliant storage. Perfect for large volumes, you can access your content immediately.

File-based delivery

Easily retrieve your files and transfer your video content to your partners across the globe thanks to BCE’s Movie2Me solution.

4K, HD, upscaling

To ensure video distribution on popular networks or on TV, BCE’s postproduction team can upscale your video archives to match today’s standards.

Share with the world

Play the transparency card and give your audience access to all your conferences, meetings, events, including all your archives as well. To do so BCE grants you access to VoD, Replay and Social Media video while ensuring the security of your content.


Front-end Design

The first step of your video portal is to create the best user navigation. To do so, BCE’s UX designers ensure a smart architecture to ensure customer retention.

Advanced CMS

Easily manage your content, update its metadata, list the available formats, preview your files and adapt your portal videos wisely.

Multi-platform, multi-OS

BCE’s solutions can be managed on any platform and deliver content to any OS, ensuring both user and customer satisfaction.



Your meetings, interviews and conferences feature live translation. BCE integrates these audio feeds in your player, allowing your customers to select the desired language.



Integrate subtitles in your videos or use an automated subtitles generator to enrich the viewer’s experience.


DRM Protection

BCE’s Digital Rights Management solution protects your content from unauthorized distribution or generation of fake content.

Promote your activities

Give a clear view of your activities and actions through smart videos which can be easily shared. Showcase a project, a customer case or a company with interviews, opinions and project footage. BCE is with you during every step of your project from production to distribution.

Production teams

Dedicated to your project, BCE’s production teams build your scenario, organize the means, manage the teams and oversee the filming.


Add graphics and transitions which perfectly match your corporate identity. Translate complex workflows into simple animations or insert special effects and titles in your videos.


Create stunning videos with areal footage of your premises. Film a crowded situation or an event both indoors and outdoors.


Produce your content in 4K and scale your project to match your broadcast method (Conferences, television, streaming, social network…)

Music score

Ask BCE to compose your musical signature or let us find the right music from our extended royalty-free music archive.

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