Time to upgrade to LTO-8 and benefit from the state-of-the-art storage solutions of BCE.

Our engineers will take the utmost care of your tapes, ensuring the seamless migration to LT0-8. Your content is immediately stored in a secured environment and will remain in this vault during the complete migration process.

In addition, you can choose BCE as your storage partner. Like many majors, channels and producers, benefit from our multiple archiving solutions and digital media operations to secure and enhance your content.

For working environments with scheduled restore or before playout, BCE holds a vast archiving platform of more than 20 petabytes in its digital library, completely redundant and with its content mirrored, meaning the solution allows almost limitless development for your company.

Along with high-speed access to the archives and massive storage capacity, the system also offers high security features for data, comparable to those of the banking industry. The security is both physical (restricted access to the storage vault, 24/7 surveillance) and electronic (total mirroring of the content, user and password identification and log file).

Server-based storage is perfect for workflows requesting immediate availability of short lifetime content, such as post-production and digitisation facilities, web infrastructures, OTT platforms and VoD portals.

The content is secured, and the system can be perfectly redundant, it adapts to your needs and ensures content availability for your company and viewers.

With BCE’s Cloud backup and storage solution: itstored, you can keep your content online easily. With S3 (Simple Storage Service) protocol being a worldwide standard, BCE ensures the protection of your files as well as its immediate availability.

Directly connected to your workflow, your content is uploaded in our redundant datacenters, giving you access to our expertise as well as numerous services.

For your bulk content or any files and cuts which you do not need immediately, BCE provides off-the-shelf storage. Content is archived on LTOs in secured vaults, access to which is restricted to authorised personnel only.

Drawers with tapes

BCE’s Digital Media Operations are a complete set of services to digitise, enrich, store, transcode, edit, and distribute your content.

Servicing well-known majors such as 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, CBS and Fremantle (to name but a few) BCE brings your content to a new dimension maintaining a cost-effective approach to match your needs and budget.

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