Lofo of Sukuma


The initiative Sukuma arts e.V.

Sukuma arts e.V. campaigns for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. In order to find new and creative solutions and get through to a great number of people, Sukuma launched the European film award “Sukuma Millennium Award”, where everyone can participate with his or her idea for a commercial, dealing with the topic of development goals, and realising it in conjunction with prominent artists.

Furthermore, Sukuma develops innovative solutions for Education for Sustainable Development in Germany. Currently, it is developing a Web2.0 learning platform up to the latest stage of development that will be used in schools.

What does the name “Sukuma” mean?

“Sukuma” is derived from Swahili, a lingua franca of East Africa, and means “to rise”, “to resist” or “to incite”. Many people in Africa are directly affected by the circumstances that became the subject of discussions in the European public because of the “Sukuma Millennium Award”.

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  • Production of the Millenium Award commercial.

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