With more than 30 years of media expertise, BCE is one of the leaders in system integration in Europe. BCE offers a full range of services for your business, covering all the television workflow as well as including all technical tasks to deliver turnkey solutions.

BCE both operates and installs television, radio, production, post-production, datacentre and transmissions infrastructures. This strength gives BCE a unique position in the market, knowing exactly how companies can achieve the best results.

To ensure the smooth enhancement of your project, BCE will take care of its design, management and engineering. Thanks to our knowledge in multiple media technologies, BCE will also cover your needs in IT and networks systems, digital broadcast, integration, software development and support.

“It was paramount for RTL to work with a system integrator with the operational experience of both the TV and radio worlds.”

Mathias Bejanin, Technical Director, Groupe M6

TV and video

As the broadcaster of more than 15 channels in Europe, BCE is the most trusted partner for TV and video platforms integration. Dealing with all your queries and upgrades needs, BCE provides you with a solution which will meet today’s targets with regards to television, platform over IP, multi-screen and content exchange.

Ingest/MAM platforms

Playout control rooms (Dedicated, Multi, Server, Cloud-based)

Newsrooms (workstations, CMS, production suites)

Master Control Rooms

Disaster Recovery Platforms (DRP)

Archiving system (Online, Nearline, Offline, Cloud-based)

Training (on/off site)

Ingest / MAM

The ingest platform is the gateway to digital content. The MAM manages all of the files that are used in your workflow.


Dedicated or Multiplayout control rooms. Server or Cloud-based


Workstations, CMS and production suites.

Master Control Rooms

Monitor all your operations. Intuitive GUI. Reactive alarm system. Strong ticketing system.


Business continuity relies on playout, content, data and power.


Online, Nearline, Offline and Cloud-based

“The migration was a great success; the transition to the new platform was seamless to our viewers and a great moment in MTGs history.”

Rachel Bernard, Vice President of Broadcast Operations, MTG.


BCE’s know-how in operating radio platforms and radio system integration comes from its historical activities with RTL (Radio Luxembourg 208 was the first English speaking radio (created in 1951) and RTL Radio France (1933) to today’s advanced solutions with Radio over IP at RTL City (Since 2017) and Visual Radio for BNJ and RTS (2019).

Visual radio/StudioTalk

Production control rooms

Radio over IP


Editing rooms




Visual radio

StudioTalk is an all-in-one solution to produce shows, manage content, add special effects, control sets and broadcast your programs.

Control rooms

Production and monitoring control rooms. Editing rooms.


Studios over IP. Digital and analogue platforms.


Automation solutions tailored-made to your needs.

“With BCE, we were real partners, the teams worked together and the channel was delivered on time.”

Jean-Michel Kandin DGA Techniques et technologies nouvelles at Radio France.

Production and postproduction

Serving many majors across the world, BCE brings state-of-the-art technology into your hands with universal connectivity within their infrastructure or IP-based workflow. Operating a wide postproduction platform in Luxembourg, BCE is aware of the market needs and therefore is your most trusted partner.


Production control room

Editing and Master editing rooms

Audio engineering studios

QC rooms

Special effects pools (2D and 3D)

Transfer and conversion hubs

Outside Broadcast Vans


Mobile studios


4K/UHD studios. Virtual Studios. News Studios.

Control rooms

Installation of production control rooms to manage the different feeds, integrate secondary events and manage the different audio layers.

Editing rooms

Editing rooms, work rooms, mastering editing rooms, special effects pools (2D and 3D) and transfer and conversion hubs.

QC Rooms

Quality Check (QC) rooms.

Outside broadcast

Outside Broadcast (OB) Vans. SNG. Ephemeral studios.


Audio engineering rooms. Connected to a network. Next to a production control room. Inside an OB van.

“BCE’s created the complete channel branding: graphic effects, studio design and even the original score for each program of the channel, keeping a central music plot to multiply brand awareness.”


BCE has a unique expertise in transmission consulting, planning and setting up of transmitter operations. With the operation of several high-power radio transmitters in Luxembourg and Germany, BCE is remarkably well positioned to ensure transmissions infrastructure system integration in EMEA.

DVB-T/T2 transmitters

DVB-S/S2 transmitters

DVB-C transmitters




Radio streaming

Video streaming

Teleport (data, video, audio, internet)

Uplink or downlink dish

File-based delivery


TV transmitters (DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, IPTV)
Radio transmitters (FM, DAB+, DRM, LW, MW, SW)


For data, video, audio, internet. Installation of uplink or downlink dish. Monitoring and management.


Radio and video streaming. Live and on demand.

File-based delivery

Installation of BCE's solution Movie2Me. Server and software. Smart network construction. Very fast deliveries.

“Lagardère Active entrusted BCE with the management and monitoring (from Luxembourg) of the Europe 1 LW transmitter site based in Felsberg in Germany.”


An expert in multimedia system integration with projects for ArcelorMittal, Bouygues, the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank or the European Conference Centre, BCE gives the best of technology with quality and upgradability fixed by the media market standards.

Meeting rooms (projector, screens, video and phone conferencing)

Interconnected meeting rooms (data, real-time presentations)

Translation facilities


Public transports (Bus, tram, trains, taxis)

Schools and universities

Digital signage (Infotainment, interactive/touch screens, ticketing system)

Conference and meeting rooms

Interconnected with real-time presentations and data exchange. Integration of projectors, screens, video and phone conferencing systems.

Digital signage

Infotainment, interactive/touch screens, ticketing system for companies, administrations, public transports.


Video and audio systems, lights, file-based platforms.

Translation facilities

For press conferences, official meetings, live shows.

“BCE’s expertise in TV and media is a real advantage on multimedia projects, giving these platforms the power from media operations while keeping an advanced flexibility.”